A Festive Lush Haul

I am obsessed with Lush! The smell that hits you has you walk into the shop is just magical. I find myself pretty much living in Lush during this time of year as I think there is nothing better than coming home to a nice hot bath after a long freezing day! I went into my local Lush the other day to have a "look" at the Christmas products and couldn't help but treat myself!

Book Haul | November 2016

As much as I love getting sucked into a great novel, I've always loved Fashion books. I find them so inspiring and creative and they just make me want to get up and really do something amazing with my life. Fashion is a big part of my life and Fashion Business is something that really I would really love to study in the future. I've had my on these books for a while now so as soon as pay day came I went for a trip to Waterstones to pick them up. Niomi's book "Eat Smart" is also a book I've been lusting over for a while now as I really want to include some vegan meals into my diet so I'm super happy about this purchase! I've only just got these books I'm just going to talk a little bit about them and then do a full review and opinions post later on.

My Top 3 Skincare Products Under £10

Having a skincare routine is very important to me as in previous years I suffered from really bad acne which has made me try and do whatever I can to keep my skin at it's best. As well as drinking plenty of water daily I have also tried many skincare products from the drugstore to see which products work best for my skin. I have finally narrowed it down to my top three products  - and whats even better? They're all under £10 each!!

Autumn Bath & Body Works Haul

So a couple of weeks ago I made an order on Bath and Body Works as I thought that it was time to get myself some autumn candles. I've never been to the US before so I had no idea which scents I'd like as I hadn't smelt any of them. After hearing everyone hype up about these candles it made me even more intrigued to get some and I was willing to pay that little bit more to have them shipped all the way to the UK. After browsing the website for a good few hours I finally chose the candles I wanted and added them to my basket. I purchased, Frosted Cranberry, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Pumpkin Apple, Cranberry Woods, Sweater Weather, Caramel Pumpkin Swirl, Leaves and Autumn and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Hand Sanitiser. I have already burned a few of them if you were wondering why I hadn't included photos of the others.

No, I Didn't Apply To University & That's Okay

Four months ago I left High School and had just finished my sixth year there. When I was little - maybe 10 years old, I had always seen myself finishing school and then moving away to go to university. However 8 years on and that's not what I'm doing - well not exactly.

Third Time Lucky

As of October 2013 there has been a little space on the internet called "www.jordanalouise.blogspot.co.uk" however over the past 3 years I haven't used it to its full potential. I started this blog in 2013, I wanted to show people my creativity and my true interests and have a tiny following to interact with. But I gave up, simple as that.